Why Paleo?

Throughout my life, I have made an extensive effort to find a healthy lifestyle not only to be physically fit, but one that I also enjoyed living.

A lot of people who know me find it odd that I have never been one to like dessert, or sweet foods, in general. What a problem, right?! haha. Another somewhat unusual trait about me is that I am not really into the taste of a lot of carbohydrates. I am really into lots of savory flavor so sweets and desserts were never a temptation to me.

Prior to finding Paleo, I ate “healthy” by common standards.

My typical breakfast was two boiled eggs with mustard. Lunch was usually a homemade steak salad, loaded with all types of delicious vegetables, and just a smidge of balsamic vinegar. For dinner, my husband and I would have something small together whether it was homemade or enjoying a date night out.

Pairing healthy food with exercise.

In addition to enjoying healthy food, I have been a member of Crossfit Bradenton since August 2014, attending an average of 5 classes per week. Workouts at Crossfit can range anywhere from cardio/endurance, lifting weights, gymnastics movements, etc.; variety and intensity are key. Despite what I believed to be a healthy lifestyle, my physical appearance was nowhere near what I had been working toward for most of my adult life. It is so confusing to figure out what eating healthy means for someone because each person is different. Heaven forbid one tries to research online or read books regarding health because the information can conflict and, at times, can seem to have self-serving agendas by attacking other lifestyles rather than educating those making an effort to learn and grow.

Everything changed for me in January 2016 when our Crossfit gym had provided the option to participate in a Paleo challenge.

This 5-week program included one workout each week, and meal plans for three levels of the diet, including specific meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for each day of the challenge. Grocery lists were even provided! I opted to do the strictest level of the challenge because I enjoy rules and was looking for a change!

During the challenge, my food intake had increased quite a bit and it had me adding carbohydrates into my meals!

I did not have to think about what to cook for the day because all the ingredients and meals were already set! By the end of the 5-week program, I weighed eleven pounds lighter and I could not believe it! After that point, a spark was lit and now, just one and a half years later, I am down 50 pounds (see below).
It is so wonderful to feel like I found a lifestyle that I enjoy and that makes me feel GREAT and I hope that you do too! What a beautiful feeling to be able to say this is just the beginning of what we can do for ourselves and our health!
Much Love,
Alia White