What is paleo?

Paleo is an abbreviation of paleolithic from the Greek roots palaios and lithos meaning “old stone”. Paleo refers to the Stone Age when our ancestors began using stone tools about 2.5 million years ago. During this time humanity survived as hunter gatherers on a diet of meat, vegetables, fruit, and nuts. By returning to our ancestral roots and abstaining from dairy, grain, refined sugar, legumes, and processed oils, people around the world today are rediscovering a vibrant, healthy way of life that had been lost in the modern age of junk food.

The story behind Paleo Pantry.

Alia and Berenger met at Pine View School in Osprey, Florida in 2000. Throughout their years together, they have connected by traveling, spending time doing outdoor activities with Bausie, their dog, exploring local and exotic food, and rousing board games. Berenger has been involved in martial arts since 2008. Alia, on the other hand, is and has been a member of Crossfit Bradenton since 2014.
Though Alia has been active her whole life, she has struggled with “looking active”, physically. Working out 5-6 times a week for 2 ½ years, along with eating what she knew to be a “healthy” diet, Alia was still frustrated with her physical progression.
In January of 2016, as a member of the local Crossfit Bradenton gym, Alia was introduced to the paleolithic diet. Alia committed herself to the diet and began shedding weight, using a 5-week plan. This diet was based on eliminating grain, dairy, and added sugar. Essentially, eliminating processed foods. Ironically, the plan had Alia eating more than she had prior, as well as adding carbs. An additional bonus was that Berenger was loving the home cooking and abundance of a variety of meals. Once the 5-week plan completed, Alia had lost 11 pounds and a spark was lit!

Our Mission Statement.

Paleo Pantry is creating an option for their local Sarasota and Manatee County area to have the highest quality unprocessed food ingredients, recipes, and support delivered to their doorstep at an affordable price, using sustainable business practices.